Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in
organic production

Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production

HeadsUp® Seed Treatment ..... Disease Early Warning for Healthier Crops

Heads Up® is a patented proprietary composition based on naturally occurring plant extracted biochemicals. Unique biochemicals that have been selected, concentrated and enhanced to produce the unique desired effect of eliciting specific systemic plant defense pathways.

Six years of testing and developing the formulation of the product have resulted in a market ready SAR product called HeadsUp®. Studies have shown Heads Up® while not being active on the disease itself acts in a different manner known as Systemic Acquired Resistance ( SAR). Once treated, the plant itself inhibits the disease through it's own defense mechanisms. Our product, "HeadsUp®", is a natural source plant defense "activator". Our work has shown that this defense activation can be beneficial in controlling several types of fungal and bacterial diseases.

We are still finding new uses for the product and have received EPA registration as a Reduced Risk Biological Pesticide. our product will be valuable to many field and horticultural crops both organic and conventionally grown.

** Registration has been granted for use on Potatoes, Tomatoes, Beans and Wheat Crops.

In reference to some of the earlier work done with our test products, this link: opens a PDF file on page 24 and 25: "Anthracnose Control in Lupins". Our test product is referred to in this work as *"SAR Experimental CJ-1". *This is a greenhouse study done by Dr. Willie Kirk , Michigan State University., Lansing Michigan.

Dr. Kirk tested several products for anthracnose control on lupins. .. What was interesting in this test is that our product controlled the disease even after the infection occurred. We recommend that our product be applied prior to infection, as it is an SAR activator. These results encouraged us to develop the HeadsUp® product for many different plant disease applications.

HeadsUp® is a water soluble, stable, dry powder that is safe for the user and to the environment.

Thank you for your interest and if you have a specific question please feel free to contact us.

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